Tumblr Soon To Be Gone But Not Forgotten: What's On Steve Buscemi's Stoop

08.05.11 5 Comments

The internet loves Steve Buscemi. This much is obvious. His sad, droopy eyes have been photoshopped on just about everyone and everything imaginable, and the Steve Buscemi dress pictured at right remains the hottest fashion item of summer 2011.

So it’s sort of astounding to think that since August of 2009 a man who lives near Steve Buscemi in Park Slope, Brooklyn has been posting photographs of stuff he sees on Buscemi’s stoop onto Tumblr — “I walk my dog past Steve Buscemi’s house. I record what I see” is the blog’s tagline — and it’s managed to go largely unnoticed outside of Tumblr. That is until yesterday when the Village Voice ran an interview with the guy behind “What’s On Steve Buscemi’s Tumblr.” In the interview, he Voice’s Jen Doll quizzed the anonymous man about the actor’s knowledge of the site.

Is Steve Buscemi aware of your Tumblr?

If he is aware of it, he hasn’t contacted me about it. I can only assume that if he had a problem with it, he would let me know.

You’d take it down?

I’d take it down; I’m not looking to violate privacy or anything. For me it’s kind of a found art project.

Well guess what? Less than 24 hours later, this was posted to WOSBS this morning

This morning I received a nice e-mail from Lucian Buscemi, Steve’s son, asking me to discontinue the blog. While the notion of going all V for Vendetta on Park Slope’s ass has its appeal, I don’t want to be slinking around the neighborhood taking pictures in defiance of the Buscemi family’s express wishes. I always said I would honor any request from Steve to stop documenting the activity on his stoop, and this is close enough. Accordingly, this blog is officially discontinued. You may feel free to pursue other passive-aggressive online diversions.

Well that sucks. I guess Steve Buscemi’s face did one of these when he found out about WOSBS…

Anyway, I pulled a few of the pics of assorted stuff spotted on Buscemi’s stoop over the past two years before they’re taken down. Enjoy…

This doll’s head was the one that started it all…

40s of Budweiser!

A discarded box for a shower chair.

Free Christmas stockings!

Halloween decorations

A big box of assorted caps.

An amazing find: A Big Lebowski cap inside a box of caps being tossed out by Steve Buscemi!

Some dusty old storage/cargo crate thingies?

Free world peace junk.

“Free Pachysandra. Plant today!”

Some cassettes tapes and other assorted stuff.

Coffee mugs!

A door.

A chair.

Unshoveled snow.

Bags of clothes for donation.

And finally, as a remembrance of Amy Winehouse — Amy Winehouse with Steve Buscemi’s eyes. Because why not?

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