Here’s The Story Of A Ballsy Chicago Man Who Saved His Jeep (& Bulldog) From A Stubborn Tow Truck Driver

Getting your car towed is a massive pain in the butt. You have to find out who towed it, where they towed it to, and then pay an absurd sum to a guy at an impound lot likely wearing a grease covered “Who Farted” t-shirt. A Chicago man named Victor avoided these hassles with a ballsy move that deserves the admiration of tow victims nationwide, when he saved his car (and bulldog) from the tow man’s grasp, according to Huffington Post.

I saw the tow truck backing up to my Jeep, so I walked up and let him know, ‘Hey, I’m moving it,'” Victor told HuffPost Weird News. “He decides to lift it up anyway and take off with it … and my dog.”

Seeing his Jeep and dog about to be sent to car jail sprung Victor into action, he confronted the tow truck driver and then hopped into his vehicle.

He told HuffPost that he’d had enough, and rolled down the window to scream, “Hey buddy, watch this!” That’s when he gunned it.

It’s always good to see someone stick it DA MAN, even if that man is some regular dude making a tow truck driver’s salary.

(Source: Huffington Post)