Howard Dean Won’t Apologize Or Delete His Tweet Suggesting That Trump’s Sniffles Signal A ‘Coke User’

Whenever people mention former presidential candidate and Democratic National Convention chairman Howard Dean’s name, it almost always has to do with two things. The first is Dean’s infamous “Dean scream,” which the White House hopeful uttered following a third place finish at the 2004 Iowa Caucus. The second… actually, I lied. All political pundits, media personalities and voters recall about Dean these days is his damning shout for joy, unless of course they were monitoring Monday’s first presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. That’s when, per the modern wonder that is Twitter, Dean re-entered the mainstream.

How, you ask? By contributing to the social media platform’s endless barrage of jokes regarding Trump’s incessant sniffling:

That’s right. Dean, an adult human person who’s currently 67 years of age, tweeted out a joke about Trump possibly being a “coke user.” And just in case you assumed time had made Dean rethink his silly tweet, MSNBC’s Kate Snow quickly found out otherwise when she confronted him on Tuesday.

“This is reminding me a lot, sir, of Rudy Giuliani a few weeks ago,” said Snow, “raising not similar, but different questions about the medical history of your candidate, Hillary Clinton. To which your campaign responded, ‘This is inappropriate.’ That we shouldn’t be raising questions about Hillary Clinton’s health with absolutely no substance or proof. You don’t see the parallel?”

Instead of answering Snow’s charge, Dean sidestepped the question and offered a final defense of the tweet — which remains undeleted: “I raised a question last night. I don’t make diagnoses on the television … But I don’t think this is a ridiculous idea. Something funny was going on with Trump last night.”

Neither Trump nor his campaign have officially responded to Dean’s tweet and his defense of it. However, fellow medical practitioner Dr. Oz may have something to say about it:

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