The LAPD Confirms That It’s Investigating Corey Feldman’s Child Sexual Abuse Claims

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Following an intense month of allegations of sexual assault, harassment and rape made against Harvey Weinstein, and the more recent claims levied against Kevin Spacey, Corey Feldman entered the fray with his own accustations on Megyn Kelly Today. “Somebody tried to kill me the other day. I’ve been arrested. This is no joke,” he claimed, saying he feared his life was in danger because of his forthcoming documentary about Hollywood’s pedophilia ring. Whether or not the actor turned musician‘s story about being nearly killed by two speeding trucks on a highway proves true, the Los Angeles Police Department is investigating.

According to BuzzFeed News, Feldman “took his first official action” by filing a report with the LAPD earlier this week. On Tuesday, the department confirmed Feldman had filed a report with them, and that they were investigating the Goonies actor’s claims, though no details were given regarding the report’s specific contents. Speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, LAPD detective Ross Nemeroff confirmed they were investigating Feldman’s child sexual abuse accusations: “When a report is filed on something as severe as this, an investigation is opened by the robbery/homicide division (which also handles sex crimes).”

(Via BuzzFeed News and The Hollywood Reporter)