North Korea Claims It Will Suspend All Nuclear And Missile Tests Ahead Of Next Week’s Inter-Korean Summit

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Following State Secretary nominee Mike Pompeo’s secret meeting with Kim Jong-un and South Korea’s revelation that North Korea was willing to accept “complete denuclearization,” the typically combative nation as announced that it will suspend all nuclear and missile testing ahead of next week’s inter-Korean summit. Per the Washington Post, the state-run Korean Central News Agency is claiming that the country “will stop nuclear tests and launches of intercontinental ballistic missiles” on and following Saturday, April 21st. What’s more, they will also “shut down a nuclear test site” to prove how serious they are.

CNN reports that Kim Jong-un himself weighed in on the matter:

Kim said Saturday that “under the proven condition of complete nuclear weapons, we no longer need any nuclear tests, mid-range and intercontinental ballistic rocket tests, and that the nuclear test site in northern area has also completed its mission,” as quoted by KCNA.

“Kim has finally decided to open up a new chapter for his nation,” a North Korean source told the cable news outlet, adding that he “has committed himself to the path of denuclearization and will now focus solely on economic growth and improving the national economy.” Meanwhile, President Donald Trump immediately interpreted the news (via whatever news broadcast he was watching) as “big progress” for his administration’s efforts.

(Via Washington Post and CNN)