The Gunman Behind Christina Grimmie’s Murder Deliberately Targeted The Former ‘The Voice’ Star

We reported earlier that 22-year-old former The Voice contestant Christina Grimmie was horrifically murdered last night following a concert in Orlando, FL. While fans and those who worked with her mourn her loss, new information regarding the incident at the Plaza Live is now emerging.

According to Fox News, Orlando Police Chief John Mina held a press conference this morning about the brutal murder that happened during a meet and greet after Grimmie performed with the band Before You Exit. When asked about the crime, Mina stated, “It does appear that he came here to commit this crime.”

Previous reports noted that a man approached Grimmie and shot her. Grimmie’s brother then tried to attack and apprehend the gunman, but then the man turned the gun on himself and was fatally injured. The identity of the gunman has not been released. However, according to TMZ he is 21-years-old and “traveled from another city in Florida”.

There has been concern over the lack of security at the concert’s venue last night. Orlando Police Sgt. Wanda Miglio in a news conference said that she was unsure of what the security was like inside, or how Grimmie’s attacker was able to smuggle two loaded guns into the Plaza Live. According to Miglio, the concert was just “a casual event.” It is currently unknown if any off-duty officers were in attendance at the show.

(Via: Fox News and TMZ)