New Video Emerges Of A Disney Employee Fending Off An Alligator At Splash Mountain

More details are surfacing following the death of Lane Graves, a two-year old boy who was snatched by an alligator along the shore of the 7 Seas Lagoon at Disney World in Orlando. The boy was dragged into the lagoon and pronounced dead after a 15-hour search turned up his body. The cause of death was drowning and traumatic injuries.

Reports have been surfacing, since the tragic incident, that residents at the swanky Bora Bora Suites — which rent out for $2,000 a night — have been feeding the alligators that swim in the lagoon, prompting more and more gators to frequent the area. What it amounts to is that Orlando’s Disney World has a major alligator problem, and the video above offers more proof of that fact.

In the video, a Disney employee fights off an alligator with a pole. What’s disturbing about the incident is that the gator is literally just several feet away from the park’s popular Splash Mountain. TMZ reports that Disney is applying temporary measures against the gators, including fencing off the 7 Seas Lagoon and erecting signs. Disney is attempting to provide long-term solutions to the alligator infestation issue, but until then, beaches have been closed.

The Wrap reports that Disney officials knew about the alligator infestation along the 7 Seas Lagoon for the past 14 months, and that they have ignored employee requests to fence off the area.

(via Inside Edition)