An Incredible 3D Angle Of Aaron Gordon’s Over-The-Mascot, Under-The-Legs Masterpiece

Aaron Gordon somewhat controversially didn’t win Saturday night’s NBA Dunk Contest, but if the winner went to the player with the most impressive individual dunk, Gordon would have likely ran away with the competition. That is because Gordon did something we’ve never seen before when he jumped over the Magic’s mascot, put the ball under his legs, and dunked. It was the perfect mix of strength, athleticism, and creativity, the kind of thing that everyone wants to see out of the Dunk Contest.

As everyone who watched the contest on TNT will tell you, this dunk was taken to another level when we got to see it via a 3D camera. It showed Gordon from the front, side, and back, which somehow made the dunk look even more spectacular than when it was aired live and at full speed. Even Kenny Smith had to take a moment to shout out the people from Intel who helped put the 3D camera angles together.

Here’s a GIF of the camera angle…

aaron gordon 3d

And just for kicks and giggles, here’s the dunk at full speed, because you can never watch it enough.

gordon 2

Seriously, how did he do that?