Aaron Gordon Said ‘That’s A Wrap’ On His Slam Dunk Career After His Controversial Loss

Aaron Gordon is good at the Slam Dunk Contest, which is why it’s too bad he claims he’s done with it after losing in his second appearance on Saturday night. Many felt that Gordon should have beat Derrick Jones Jr. in Chicago on Saturday night, and the duo needed extra time to decide between the two that came down to a controversial judges decision.

Some thought there may be some shenanigans afoot in the aftermath of the decision, and a frustrated Gordon said that he’s done with dunk contests after two appearances that he felt should have resulted in wins for the Magic guard.

“That’s a wrap, bro. That’s a wrap,” he told reporters. “I feel like I should have two trophies, you know what I mean? So it’s over for that.”

Gordon clearly thought he should have won, and because he did not he said afterward on Saturday that he will turn his attention to other skills competitions in future years.

“My next goal is to try to win a 3-point contest,” Gordon said.

It’s disappointing news for anyone who wanted to see the Magic standout go at a title for a third time. He’s been electric even in his losses, and the whole point is to put on a show for fans and the NBA players watching up close and personal at the venue. Though not championship-worthy to the likes of the judges, somehow, that doesn’t mean he should give up.

Still, it must be frustrating for Gordon, who clearly invests a lot of time in these dunks and has a reputation to uphold each time he takes the floor to perform. Perhaps tensions will ease and he’ll reconsider in time for next year’s contest. All-Star Weekend is better when he’s in the Dunk Contest for sure.