Aerial Powers Is Hosting An All-Female ‘NBA 2K’ Tournament Called ‘Powerz Up’

Much like the NBA, the WNBA is preparing for an abbreviated season later this month at the IMG Academy in Bradenton, Florida. The WNBA season was originally supposed to begin in mid-May, but the COVID-19 pandemic delayed it indefinitely. In what’s affectionately being called the “Wubble,” players will embark on their shortened season with strict safety guidelines in hopes of preventing the spread of the disease that has infected more than 3 million people in the U.S.

Back in May, when there were no pro sports on television for the first time in many people’s lifetimes, ESPN got the novel idea to air an NBA 2K tournament featuring stars from around the league. On Wednesday, Aerial Powers of the Washington Mystics announced she was putting together her own NBA 2K tournament, Powerz Up, featuring several stars from around the WNBA.

DIME spoke to Powers earlier this month about her side hustle as an up-and-coming 2K player, which is now putting to good use in this latest venture.

“It’s an all female 2K tournament,” Powers said. “I have WNBA players in it, some pro 2K players in it, and of course, you know I gotta have the fans.”

Powers announced that the tournament will feature WNBA stars like Diamond DeShields and Brittney Griner, among others, as well as pro 2K players Chiquita Evans and Hazel Childress.

Powers has been streaming almost daily on Twitch and has been using the quarantine time to sharpen her skills and increase her presence in the gaming universe. In the video, she also hinted at a tournament that may take place while players are inside the Wubble in Florida.