Al Jefferson: “I go from being in a Toyota to a Bentley”

07.28.10 8 years ago 25 Comments

Forget diplomacy. Al Jefferson has been letting the world know he’s happier to get out of Minnesota than Mel Gibson would be to get out of the Apollo Theater.

A couple weeks after he said, “The basketball gods were thinking about me” when he was traded to the Utah Jazz, Jefferson again big-upped his new team while simultaneously throwing his old team under the bus.

“Some people didn’t even know they had a team,” Jefferson told Yahoo!, referring to the Timberwolves. “Everyone knows the Utah Jazz. I go from being in a Toyota to a Bentley. It’s a beautiful thing.”

Then he may have went a little too far.

“One reason I came to Utah is so me and Deron (Williams) could grow old together and win a championship,” Jefferson said. “No disrespect (to Stockton and Malone) … I hope we are better and we win a championship.”

Do you think Al Jefferson will be an All-Star this season?

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