Alex Rodriguez Introduced Himself To Anthony Edwards On Instagram

Anthony Edwards: not a baseball fan! The Minnesota Timberwolves’ rookie guard spoke to the media after the team’s game on Tuesday afternoon and made it clear that he’s never heard of the more famous half of the team’s new ownership duo. This, of course, means he has never heard of Alex Rodriguez, who is maybe the most famous baseball player of the last decade or so.

It was the latest funny moment involving Edwards, who is rapidly becoming one of the funniest dudes in the NBA. And a few hours after this quote started making its way around the internet, Rodriguez decided it’d probably be prudent to introduce himself to the young tentpole of the franchise, tagging him in a post on his Instagram Story.

Edwards decided to turn to his default setting — “I’m gonna have fun with this” — and respond to Rodriguez, likewise on his IG Story.

It’s unclear exactly when Rodriguez will begin his involvement in the team’s ownership group, although we do know he and business partner Marc Lore will become majority owners in 2023. But whenever A-Rod gets around the team for the first time, I demand that he and Anthony Edwards find a local batting cage or something and go bond.