Allen Iverson Gave His All-Time Starting Five, Excluding Himself

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12.06.18 3 Comments

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Allen Iverson wrote a piece for The Players Tribune on Thursday that, like most things involving Allen Iverson, was absolutely tremendous. Iverson has long been one of the NBA’s most fascinating figures, both because his game was endearing to basketball fans and his personality as an undersized dude who was tough as nails made him an easy guy to root for. Plus there are — and this is a conservative estimate — about 500 million stories about Iverson that add to the lore surrounding him.

A really cool thing about Iverson is that he’s a retired player who makes it a point to praise the current generation of basketball players without doing the “back in my day…” thing to disparage them. He also really loves the game, and always seems to be willing to talk about it, both in a modern and a historical context.

For example, Iverson gave his all-time starting five in the piece. The only caveat was that he couldn’t include himself, but beyond that, he could pick anyone. In response, Iverson picked two Hall of Fame inductees, one retired player who is on his way to Springfield, and two dudes whose careers are still going strong.

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