Allen Iverson in Memphis? “Don’t Hold Your Breath.”

07.15.09 10 years ago 18 Comments

Today’s Memphis Commercial Appeal ask a Grizzlies “insider” about the chances of Allen Iverson signing with the club.

His answer? “Don’t hold your breath.”

From the article:

The Clippers are prepared to offer Iverson a one-year deal for their midlevel exception of $5.8 million if he agrees to come off the bench.

Where do the Grizzlies stand with this latest development?

A team insider responded with “don’t hold your breath” when asked if Iverson would eventually join the Griz.

The pessimism fits with what Griz owner Michael Heisley said earlier this week when he implied that Memphis is likely a last-resort option for Iverson. Heisley predicted that Iverson would go to Miami, another team along with Charlotte that’s reportedly interested in signing Iverson.

While Austin Burton and I both think it’s absurd that Allen is supposed to be cool coming off the bench for some of the absolute worst teams in the NBA behind clearly inferior players, I do think that the Grizzlies, basketball-wise at least, might be the best spot for Allen to prove that he can still get it done at a high level with a young up-and-coming team.

Read the article HERE.

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