Mike Jordan ‘Ain’t Doin’ This Sh*t’ And Won’t Join That 3-On-3 League, According To Allen Iverson

01.11.17 2 years ago

Michael Jordan last appeared on an NBA court as a player more than 13 years ago, and Allen Iverson doesn’t appear to be a big believer in the GOAT’s ability to lace up his sneakers in 2017. As part of an impromptu interview with TMZ Sports, Iverson was asked whether Jordan could compete in Ice Cube’s new 3-on-3 league for retired players (in which Iverson will participate). The Answer put on a show with his response.

First, Iverson dismissed the notion out of hand, saying that Jordan would never do it. From there, he transitioned into poking fun at Jordan’s age. Iverson said, “Mike older than me and I’m old as hell” and, while he continued to praise Jordan as his “idol” and “hero,” it was pretty evident that he was taken aback at the mere thought of Jordan participating in something like this.

“Mike ain’t doin’ this sh*t,” Iverson said. “Mike ain’t doin’ nothing like this.”

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