(Almost) Daily Fantasy – 2/18/2009

02.18.09 10 years ago 20 Comments

Tough call on who to give the MVP last night right? NOPE. Dwight Howard was a BEAST last night. 45 points, 19 boards, and 8 blocks! Can you believe there was ever a conversation about Okafor or Howard? We’ve got a lot to go over. Let’s get at it.

Tracy McGrady –
It’s really for the best. For T-Mac, for the Rockets, for everyone. Tracy McGrady’s season is caput. Over. Peace. T-Mac will have microfracture surgery and next year is a pretty legit question mark as well. You can cut McGrady in all leagues. Two pick ups make sense – Von Wafer and Shane Battier. Both Battier and Wafer put up real numbers last night.

Chris Wilcox –
Someone has to play center for the Hornets right? This is Wilcox final opportunity to be a consistent stat contributor. He has everything he needs (see: Chris Paul). Let’s see what happens. If you have a spot open and need a center, pull the trigger.

Kevin Durant – Wow is Durant having a great season. The Thunder have become an excellent source of stats and I fully expect them to finish strong and continue their scoring into next season. Durant had 47 last night (though not much else in the other categories). He’s a bonafied keeper.

Mike Miller – Is he a free agent in your league? He hasn’t been healthy (or on target) this season but was starting to play better in the last few weeks of the first half. He started the second half right with 18 points, 8 boards, and 6 assists (and 2 blocks). He’s an intriguing pick up.

Antonio McDyess – I’ve been high on McDyess before and he’s let me down. One more chance though. Pick him up. The Pistons need him right now and the 24 and 14 might not happen every night but he has a chance for double-doubles and block shots. On that note – the Pistons are a disaster.

Rodney Stuckey –
In 30+ minutes last night Stuckey did very very little to help your fantasy team. Here’s a memo for the Pistons – Go back to starting Rip and bring Stuckey off the bench. I really think that will not only help the Pistons, but also Stuckey’s fantasy stats.

Andrei Kirilenko – That was one of the cleanest and quickest surgeries/rehabs that we can remember. AK-47 is back and in limited minutes looked very very strong. He should be good to go for all lineups next week.

CJ Miles –
Although CJ Miles has been playing well and had another solid game last night (24 points) there are just too many Jazz returning (AK) or about to return from injury (Boozer) to really commit to Miles. I’d leave him on the wire.

Nate Robinson –
Straight off our best pick ups of the first half list, Nate Rob went off for 32 and 10 (boards, not assists). Owners do not want to see Nate’s name in any deals tomorrow. The Knicks are by far the best place for him.

Marcus Camby – Come on! Inner ear infection? Migraines? He better be in a trade tomorrow.

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