Ja Morant And Steph Curry Are Now In A Posting War Over Andre Iguodala

The Grizzlies have two more days to find a new home for Andre Iguodala, as they’ve made it very clear they will not be buying him out. That is a tricky thing to do given the money he’s owed, but there are a few contenders that can make it happen if they get creative. In the meantime, Memphis is 25-25, coming off a win over Detroit and holding down the eight spot in the West thanks to some spectacular play from their young core.

That young core, led by presumptive Rookie of the Year Ja Morant, is doing this without Iguodala’s services, as the former Finals MVP never reported to Memphis this season. After their most recent win, Dillon Brooks and Morant made their feelings towards Iguodala very well known, as they are understandably not pleased that he wouldn’t see their playoff push as a worthy enough cause to get on the court and play until he was dealt. Brooks said he hoped Iggy got traded so they can play him and “show him what Memphis is really all about,” a sentiment echoed by Morant on Twitter.

Unsurprisingly, the young Grizzlies thoughts on Iguodala didn’t exactly sit well with his former teammates in Golden State, and Steph Curry decided to join the fray by reminding folks that Iggy is a champion.

Morant responded to that on Monday morning with a picture of Kevin Durant holding the Finals MVP trophy and the same “hush” emoji, because of course.

There is something funny about a posting war between players on social media not involving Kevin Durant still leading to KD being mentioned, and the precocious Grizzlies guard clearly isn’t worried about the effects his tweets may have on how Curry or anyone else approaches playing him. Morant is a fearless young guard, for better or worse, and it shows on and off the court. If nothing else, you have to admire his commitment here, and he made sure to let folks know he respected all of their games (and was/is a Curry fan) but was simply confident in his abilities and refused to back down.