How One Basketball Junkie Went From Challenging Neighborhood Ballers For Cash To Starring In The BIG3

07.28.17 2 years ago 5 Comments

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Andre Owens is a name not familiar to the general or even hardcore basketball fan. Picked second overall in the inaugural BIG3 draft by Allen Iverson’s 3’s Company, Owens had a particularly abstract road to get to where he is today.

Born with five brothers and a mother and father that rarely saw each other due to conflicting work schedules, Owens grew up in a small home with limited resources based on the size of their family. His father would build Owens a makeshift basketball court in their backyard that he’d play on in any weather, at any time.

“My dad used to have to literally whip my butt at three or four in the morning on school nights to get me to come inside,” Owens told DIME. “When it was snowing, I’d just get the shovel and shovel it off as best I could. I lived on that court.”

Aside from playing at his literal home court, Owens became a good high school player. But, his family wasn’t in the greatest financial shape. His five brothers and himself basically took care of themselves as far school and learning went, and the bills mounted as two parents taking care of six children wasn’t cheap.

In high school Evans went straight from school to challenge neighborhood ballers.

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