Andrew Bogut Calls Out The ‘Idiots’ Who Criticized A Concussed Kevin Love

06.09.16 3 years ago

The Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers are right in the thick of an NBA Finals rematch that’s suddenly become competitive. Despite the teams being on a collision course to this point since last June and the outwardly antagonistic nature of some of their players, though, Golden State and Cleveland don’t exactly play like rivals in every sense of the term.

For all the passive media jabs and threatening on-court gestures they’ve traded over the past year, the Warriors and Cavaliers clearly have more underlying respect for one another than outright hate – a reality made especially obvious as some hard-headed fans continue to chastise Kevin Love.

Golden State big man Andrew Bogut – an ingenious basketball goon, by the way – came to his frontcourt counterpart’s defense on Thursday while discussing the dangerous nature of playing through concussion-like symptoms.

“There’s probably people calling Kevin Love soft, and those people are idiots,” the Aussie big man told reporters. “You know, you don’t mess around with the brain, because you can be a hero now in the NBA Finals series in 2015-16, and then in 2021 when you’re sucking food through a straw, no one’s really gonna give a sh*t about what you did in 2016.”

Bogut went on to say that he agrees with the league’s über-strict protocol on clearing players who have suffered concussions.

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