Andrew Bynum out 8-12 weeks

02.02.09 9 years ago 115 Comments
Andrew BynumAndrew Bynum (photo. NBA)

The Lakers have announced that Andrew Bynum will have to miss 8-12 weeks with an MCL tear in his right knee. Bynum got hurt in Saturday’s game at Memphis after Kobe fell into his knee under the basket.

“It changes our team, and the rhythm that we’re playing with,” (Kobe) Bryant said at the shootaround. “Obviously we found a great rhythm there with him in the lineup, particularly the last week or so. So we’re going to have to make some adjustments.”

Bryant insisted the Lakers could still win a title without Bynum.

“There are teams that lost in the finals that go back and win the next year,” he said. “I think having Andrew in the lineup makes us a dominant team. With him out of the lineup, we’re still a great team. You put him in the mix, it takes us to another level.”


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