Andrew Wiggins Fired His Agent In The Middle Of Max Contract Negotiations With Minnesota

08.23.17 2 years ago

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The stunning trade that sent Kyrie Irving to the Celtics and Isaiah Thomas, Jae Crowder, and the Brooklyn 2018 first round pick to the Cavaliers became the complete and total focus of the NBA world on Tuesday night, but there were still things going on outside of that in the Association. Chiefly, in the middle of negotiating an $148 million dollar extension for his client Andrew Wiggins, Bill Duffy was fired by the 4th year NBA player according to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski.

According to Woj, the Timberwolves were set to offer Wiggins the full maximum allowed by the Collective Bargaining Agreement, $148 million dollars. Duffy told ESPN that he believes that there may be some agent tampering going on with Wiggins, which, while the NBAPA doesn’t prohibit players from changing agents even in the middle of negotiations, it does allows the former agent to receive some compensation.

Duffy released a statement to ESPN expressing his disappointment about the way things ended with Wiggins and noted that he will look to do whatever he can to protect his rights and interests with regards to the deal.

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