Ayesha Curry Takes A Break From Twitter To Be A Guest Judge On ‘Chopped Junior’

Ayesha Curry is everywhere. The wife of the 2015-16 NBA MVP has been the center of controversy since the start of the NBA Finals. She was quick to criticize officials on Twitter during Game 5 and then called out fans for saying nasty things to her in response. Then, during Game 6, she famously tweeted that the Finals were rigged which put her even more in the spotlight.

Even after the Warriors lost, Curry has continued to find herself in the news like when she is getting into arguments with Stephen A. Smith, getting burned by the Cleveland Indians, or getting super upset with people photoshopping Kyrie Irving onto her family photos.

Now Curry is back in the news once more, but thankfully this one has nothing to do with anything she said on her Twitter feed. Instead, Curry will be a guest judge on Tuesday night’s episode of Chopped Junior on the Food Network.

Of course, the Food Network’s tweet promoting her appearance went about how you would expect.

Ayesha Curry is, of course, no stranger to the kitchen as she also has her own show At Home with Ayesha, but now she will get her opportunity to try her hand as a judge. Assuredly the young culinary stars on Chopped Junior will try to impress Curry by making their dishes (*puts on sunglasses*) extra salty.