Ayesha Curry’s Jumper Is Just As Wet As Her Husband’s

Stephen Curry is perhaps the best shooter in the history of the NBA, but the Golden State Warriors guard was overshadowed during a recent pickup game. His chief competition in the shooting department? His wife, Ayesha.

The Curry family is enjoying a trip through Asia as part of a promotional tour for Under Armour, and both Ayesha and Stephen got in a quick, casual run during a stop in game in Guangzhou, China. This video was posted by Ayesha on Sunday morning and it shows her knocking down a three while Stephen simply watches from the other end of the court, powerless to stop the onslaught of perimeter bliss.

Here is another angle of the now famous shot, once again courtesy of Ayesha’s Instagram:

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The Currys have been under the microscope in recent months, especially when it comes to the fact that the Warriors were unable to defend their title after taking a 3-1 lead in the NBA Finals. Still, this is the type of viral PR that any good marketer loves, and it also illustrates the playful relationship between husband and wife. Ayesha Curry obviously isn’t quite the shooter that her husband is, but that should not stop anyone from taking pleasure in watching her celebrate a three in the way that many of us would under similar circumstances.