‘Ball In The Family’ Is Ready To Unleash LaVar Ball On Your Facebook Page

Get ready to see a lot more of LaVar Ball on your Facebook feed. The trailer for the Ball family reality show is here, and the show’s first episodes are coming sooner than you think.

Ball in the Family is a 10-episode reality show airing exclusively on Facebook Watch. The trailer dropped on Wednesday morning and gave us a quick look at what to expect from the Big Ballers throughout the course of the show. There are jet skis and fast cars and a lot of antics from LaVar. But it also will feature some things we don’t know much about, like Lonzo’s relationship and the family’s ties to their mother, Tina.

The show, produced by MTV reality show vets Bunim/Murray Productions, certainly looks the part of the Real World style format. They even got LaVar Ball to utter a family reality show line in the show’s trailer.

“You think you know me? You think you know my family?” LaVar asks the camera. “You have no idea.”

We’ve certainly seen some of the things that will be coming in the 10-episode show when it launches on Facebook. Cameras have watched the documentary crew follow the family to Hawaii and have seen the AAU drama Ball’s team has created this summer.

But the most interesting parts will likely deal with Tina Ball’s stroke, which has been kept away from the public eye for much of the summer. It hasn’t been referenced much by LaVar in his many interviews, outside of a brief mention of her health in an ESPN piece earlier in the summer.

“Family is everything to me,” LaVar said. “I always told my boys, you can make all the money in the world but it’s not fun if you’re just by yourself.”

The first two episodes of Ball in the Family will be on Facebook Watch on Aug. 31, with the third episode appearing online on Sundays starting on September 10. There should be plenty to talk about once those episodes drop. LaVar, at least, seems excited about it all.

“Welcome to the Ball era,” LaVar says. And the camera’s rolling. Because it’s going down.”