Ben Simmons On Philadelphia’s Role In The 2020 Election: ‘Good Things Happen In Philly’

For the past three days, most of the world has been waiting to find out the outcome of the presidential election, as several key states continue to count the mail-in ballots that will ultimately determine who will be the next President of the United States. That outcome has become increasingly clearer over the past 24 hours as Democratic nominee Joe Biden has taken the lead in states that would put him over the necessary 270 electoral votes needed to win.

As votes continued to trickle in on Thursday night, Biden was able to maintain a somewhat narrow lead in Arizona, but gradually overcame deficits in both Pennsylvania and Georgia. If they hold steady, those two states would give him the presidency.

Pennsylvania’s 20 electoral votes would’ve been enough by themselves to push Biden over the edge, and after taking a lead in the state on Friday morning, Biden supporters around Philly started to celebrate. Count Sixers star Ben Simmons among those, as he tweeted out this image that was a call-back to disparaging Trump remarks about the city during the presidential debates.

When speaking about poll workers in Philadelphia, Trump made baseless claims about “bad things” happening in Philly, with the implication that there was some kind of impropriety involved. Folks in Philly, of course, wasted no time before turning it into a meme, and now Simmons has joined the fun as the city figured heavily in helping Biden take the lead in the commonwealth.

News outlets have been reluctant to declare Biden the official winner, as there are still outstanding ballots to be counted in several states, but the trend over the past two days has held true, and the former vice president continues to expand his lead, much to the delight of the Sixers’ star.