The BBB Booth At ComplexCon Was Cash Only Because Big Ballers Don’t Use Cards

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Big Baller Brand gets national attention because of Lonzo Ball’s presence on the Lakers and LaVar Ball’s constant presence on television screens, which sometimes makes us forget just how small of an operation the sneaker and apparel company is right now.

It is a family-owned startup that is trying to tap into a world of sneakers that’s dominated by global corporations. Sometimes we get a reminder of how small BBB is, like when Lonzo Ball’s first signature shoe, the ZO2 Prime, got a completely new redesign because the first edition wasn’t the fit he wanted and everyone that bought the shoe on presale was alerted they would be getting the new look sneaker instead.

We got another reminder at ComplexCon over the weekend, where Big Baller Brand was among the many brands to set up a booth where those attending the convention could buy some merchandise. However, if you wanted to load up on BBB apparel at ComplexCon, you had to be carrying cash. Because what kind of big baller doesn’t have stacks on deck?

There’s something funny about how LaVar Ball has tried to cultivate the Big Baller Brand image as a high-end brand with the sneakers being the basketball equivalent of Gucci or Louis Vuitton, but having a cardboard sign that reads “Cash Only” and “Final Sale” at their booth.

Big Baller Brand has big plans for the future, including an expansion into China. If ComplexCon gives us any indication, when a BBB pop-up shop appears near you don’t even think about bringing those weak credit cards.

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