Bill Simmons Joins Kobe And Kevin Garnett As Guest Commentators In ‘NBA 2K19’

08.23.18 11 months ago


Last year, 2K Sports added Kobe Bryant and Kevin Garnett as guest commentators to NBA 2K18, as the future Hall of Famers would pop into the booth for random games as you played and offer their virtual insight and thoughts.

It was a cool addition and one that helped break up the monotony of video game broadcast teams that, for those that spend hours upon hours of playing, can get annoying because there are only so many things they say before it gets repetitive — even though the modern sports video game packs way more different stuff in than older games where it would repeat in the same game.

This year, for 2K19, another guest commentator has been added to the game, but this one will be a bit more divisive as it’s not an NBA legend. Instead, it’s The Ringer’s Bill Simmons, who will hop into the booth with Kevin Harlan to fire off his takes about various players and teams. The latest trailer for the game offers a glimpse at what you’ll hear from Simmons, as well as a better look at what gameplay will be like this year.

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