Bill Walton Apparently Knows As Much About Volcanoes As He Does Basketball

01.25.16 4 years ago

Athletes transcending all sports are generally pretty smart. In fact, we as a society never give athletes enough credit for their gray matter. After all, learning and digesting complicated playbooks quickly requires some serious brain power.

Whether this is related to Bill Walton’s massive knowledge about volcanoes is unclear; it could just be a passion of his. Either way, if you have (presumably) five hours, Walton can probably fill it entirely with volcano facts. Appearing on ESPN for Saturday’s game between Arizona and Cal, Walton rattled about 25 seconds worth of up-to-date information about active volcanoes around the world. Per Walton, “something’s happening, the planets are all lined up.”  He even included an ominous foreshadow that Yellowstone National Park could be next.

Walton is pure entertainment, whether he’s talking about “biology” on sorority row or showing up out of nowhere for Grateful Dead concerts. Now that we know volcanoes are a hot-button topic for him, it’s only natural to want him to star in one of those terrible made-for-television SyFy movies. You know, the one where he plays a once-proud, but recently shunned scientist who can see the giant global-terrorizing volcano about to erupt before anyone else does, but no one believes him until it’s too late?

Yeah, that’s the one.

(Via Awful Announcing)

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