The Creator Of ‘The 5th Quarter’ Talks Making Comedy With Athletes Like Blake Griffin And Joel Embiid

11.30.17 1 year ago 2 Comments

Go90/Christian Long

Blake Griffin is one of the few athletes as comfortable on a stand-up stage as he is on the court. More and more athletes these days are giving comedy a try, but it’s just not easy to mix sports and comedy. Mockumentaries are often the most successful route because there’s established territory in serious filmmaking about sports.

Poking fun at a sport as a whole, like Seven Days in Hell does for tennis and Tour de Pharmacy does to cycling, is one of the more successful ways of bringing athletes and comedy together. And The 5th Quarter is certainly a show that tries to bridge that gap using many of the same methods.

The brainchild of Michael D. Ratner, the show debuted its second season on go90, a Verizon-supported video platform on Thursday. Ratner managed to get some big sports stars involved in the show’s sophomore effort and already has a third season lined up. But the creator and director has serious production chops in sports filmmaking to fall back on as he tries to add a sense of humor to what’s often a too-serious aspect of film.

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