The ‘7 Days In Hell’ Team Reunites For The Silliness Of ‘Tour De Pharmacy’

07.06.17 2 years ago 14 Comments

In honor of its brisk running time, let me briefly lay out what you need to know about Tour de Pharmacy, which debuts Saturday night at 10 on HBO:

1. It’s a reunion of the gang who gave you 7 Days in Hell.

Two years ago, writer Murray Miller, director Jake Szymanski, and star Andy Samberg came together for 7 Days in Hell, a filthy, hilarious, and blessedly short mockumentary about a Wimbledon match that wouldn’t end. The trio have reunited for Tour, which is another sports mockumentary — this time about an ’80s Tour de France where all the racers were on drugs — riddled with ridiculous wigs, dick jokes, and other humor, and that also clocks in around 40 minutes, thus getting off stage before any of the jokes wear out.

2. Many more of their famous friends join them this time, in clever ways.

7 Days in Hell clearly had a lot of fans in Hollywood, as Tour fills nearly every role with a recognizable face: Orlando Bloom, John Cena, Freddie Highmore, and Daveed Diggs as cyclists competing against Samberg; James Marsden as a TV reporter biking alongside all the doping racers; Kevin Bacon as a racing official who encourages the cheating; Nathan Fielder, Phylicia Rashad, and Maya Rudolph as experts on cycling and/or drugs; and Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje as a Nigerian man who resents the Samberg character (a rich white kid whose father owned a Nigerian diamond mine) for presenting himself as an African cyclist, among others. Everyone throws themselves into the idiotic spirit of the thing — including J.J. Abrams as himself.

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