Please Don’t Even Bother Asking Blake Griffin About Playing For The Thunder

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Did you know: Blake Griffin is from Oklahoma City. It’s true! The Los Angeles Clippers forward was born and raised there, and even played basketball for the gosh-danged Oklahoma Sooners. He probably stole his first kiss on a cool spring day in the Big Friendly. Yes sir, Blake Griffin is an Oklahoma sports legend, tried and true, so it’s only natural that people want to ask, “Hey Blake, you’re only eight games into this NBA season and your team is awesome, so are you thinking about leaving?”

Specifically, reporters want to know if Griffin, who is a free agent after this season, is thinking about leaving the 7-1 Evil Los Angeles Clippers to play for the Oklahoma City Thunder. Because this is something any player would totally, definitely admit to during the regular season. His response?

“People that I talk to and my friends and family from back home, I think they’re … I would say true friends and family, where they know that my main focus is this season and this team,” Griffin said after the Clippers defeated the Portland Trail Blazers 111-80 on Wednesday night. “And they know that I enjoy playing here and I love this team, coaching staff, everybody. So they know that that’s my main focus. So I think they pretty much know not to bring that up.” (Via ESPN)

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