Chris Paul And The Clippers Embrace Their Status As One Of The Most Hated Teams In The League

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The Los Angeles Clippers are off to a perfect start with a 114-106 win over the Portland Trail Blazers, and the highlight reels are already spinning. After missing considerable time last season with a torn left quadriceps, followed by one of the dumbest injuries any athlete could ever suffer, Blake Griffin returned with a bang on Thursday night, inspiring fans to lose their minds on Twitter, while providing us with several glorious plays.

That’s the kind of action that we expect from Lob City on a nightly basis, and last season was certainly a huge disappointment without those highlights. Of course, not all was lovable and endearing about the Clips’ win. While we were picking our jaws up off the floor following Griffin’s block, Chris Paul was hearing a loud chorus of boos from the Portland fans for his allegedly dirty play.

Hmmm, is it dirty if it’s also just so damned diabolical? You be the judge.

The Portland faithful were hardly alone in their, um, displeasure with CP3’s style of play.

But if you think that Paul is going to offer an apology to the boo-birds and try to buy back some good will from fans in general, don’t count on it. Turns out the Clippers star, who matched Griffin with 27 points, is kind of digging the hate against his squad, as he told TNT after the game: “We know we’re not one of the most liked teams in the league, and we talked about embracing it. Seriously.”

Keep that in mind, opposing fans. Your boos and heckles will only feed the dark, menacing soul of Evil Chris Paul, and his beard will simply grow longer and pointier.