Boban Marjanovic Broke The Rim Because He Wouldn’t Stop Dunking On The Nuggets

10.18.18 8 months ago

The Clippers and Nuggets met on opening night, and while most of the basketball world (and most of Los Angeles) is waiting for the L.A. debut of LeBron James, the real King of Staples Center lorded over his domain on Wednesday.

I’m speaking, of course, of Boban Marjanovic, the Clippers 7’3 center who is maybe the most physically dominant force in the league. Marjanovic led the Clippers with 18 points and eight rebounds off the bench, as L.A. realized that the Nuggets have absolutely zero answer for the Boban problem in the paint on either end of the floor.

The poor Nuggets didn’t know what to do with the giant in the middle, as Marjanovic feasted on the Nuggets, no matter how much help they sent once he caught it down low. Marjanovic was straight up dunking on multiple Nuggets at once without so much as leaving the ground.

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