Steve Nash Will Become The Next Head Coach Of The Nets

The Brooklyn Nets have a new head coach, and it’s hard to imagine the team making a more surprising hire. Marc Stein of the New York Times reported that the Nets would make Hall of Fame guard Steve Nash a head coach for the first time, which was soon confirmed by Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN.

Wojnarowski included the details that Jacque Vaughn, who coached the team admirably during the NBA’s Orlando Bubble, would stay on as an assistant at a hefty price tag, while the Nets’ brain trust did what it could to convince Nash to make the leap to coaching over the last few weeks.

And shortly after reports began circulating, Brooklyn made the news official.

While Nash has some experience in basketball operations, having served as a consultant for the Golden State Warriors team when, as Tom Haberstroh of NBC Sports pointed out, Durant was in town, this is quite the leap. He’s going from that, along with a handful of off-court duties like serving as a basketball/soccer analyst for Turner, to the head coach of a team that has legitimate NBA title aspirations once Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving are 100 percent healthy. Keeping Vaughn around should help ease that transition, as he knows this team, but the former two-time MVP will be at the helm in what might be the most out of left field head coaching hire we’ve seen in some time.