The Bucks Explained How NBA Tickets Will Be Handled After Suspending The Season

With the NBA season currently suspended indefinitely — and for, at minimum, 30 days — there’s little in the way of official information about what comes next. It’s possible they play out the remainder of the season, just a month or so behind schedule and push back things like the draft, free agency, and summer league. It’s also possible this drags on longer than a month and they have to get creative with how they finish the season and play out the postseason — or cancel things altogether.

All of these contingencies are being planned for, and in such a fluid situation, as is the buzzword du jour, it’s hard to know how some of the things that impact those outside the league will play out. So far, there’s been good news from a few teams in the form of plans to take care of the hourly employees at the arena that will be out of work, and those will hopefully become the norm in the coming days. There’s also the issue of fans who had tickets to games, and many are wondering how those will be handled.

The Milwaukee Bucks issued a release on Thursday offering some information that would seem to indicate what the leaguewide response to ticket inquiries will be.

Due to the NBA’s suspension of games until further notice, tonight’s game against the Boston Celtics and remainder of the 2020 regular season are currently postponed. Tickets held for any postponed game will be valid for the rescheduled date, when that is determined.

The NBA is currently evaluating plans for the remainder of the 2020 regular season. If any game is officially canceled, fans who own a Milwaukee Bucks ticket package that includes affected games will receive direct communication from the team that provides detailed information on ticket options. Fans who purchased tickets through Ticketmaster, Bucks.com or the Bucks mobile app will receive further email communication from Ticketmaster with information on rescheduled dates or cancellations.

The basic gist is, right now, there are not any refunds happening, but instead the plan is for games to be played and they will allow tickets to be redeemed for those games. If games are canceled, refunds will then be issued, and there’s still not any official information on what happens if someone with tickets is unable to attend a rescheduled game — or, in some places that sell out, how they’ll honor tickets if more people choose to cash them in on a different game when they can go than they have seats.

Still, this is the initial plan in place and things will surely develop more as we learn more about the future plans of the NBA.