This Lakers Lowlight Reel Takes Dead Aim At Former Head Coach Byron Scott

Lakers fans can be forgiven for trying to forget the Byron Scott head coaching era. For an organization with such a championship pedigree, his 38-126 record is not something they’d like to dwell on. But YouTube user ByronScottGoat apparently couldn’t let it go, wrapping up all of the best lowlights from his reign as head coach into one eleven minute video.

Now, we know–eleven minutes is a LOT of time. That’s a lot to ask of anyone when it comes to watching a video online, but another way to think about it is this: Byron Scott was coach of the Lakers for two seasons, and somehow made enough mistakes and missteps to equal an eleven minute video. When you think about it like that, who wouldn’t want to watch it?

Interspersed with game highlights (or lowlights) are some reminders of Scott’s behind-the-scenes issues as well:

Besides, Lakers fans, you just got Brandon Ingram in the draft! Look at it like Indianapolis Colts fans did a few years ago – after years of competing with one of the best in the game, you had to endure, in your case, two awful seasons to get two top draft picks and a new coach in Luke Walton to take advantage of them. Things are looking up!

Who knows, maybe in five years, you’ll think having Byron Scott run your team into the ground was the best thing that ever happened to you…but probably not. At least now you can look back with relief that it’s over.

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