Candace Parker Gave Shaq A Lesson In Modern Pick-And-Roll Defense And Basketball Fans Lost It

Inside the NBA isn’t so much a basketball show as it is an entertainment program that has an element of basketball in it. The formula has worked out well — Inside is the most highly-regarded sports studio show of all time — but for folks who want substantive, detail-oriented basketball discussions, it’s not really the place.

This isn’t a knock on Inside, mind you, it’s just there’s an expectation vs. reality element of the show. This was put on display on Tuesday night when one of its stalwarts, Shaquille O’Neal, appeared on TNT’s Tuesday night studio show and went viral for a conversation with Candace Parker in which Parker more or less explained how modern pick-and-roll defense works.

The clip is very much an old school vs. new school sort of thing, where Parker is able to give context that Shaq is just unable to fully grasp because she plays basketball right now while his playing days were before the pace-and-space era really exploded. To that end, there is something pretty interesting about this whole conversation in a vacuum.

The big issue, though, is that analysis by retired players can oftentimes come off as aloof, dismissive, or a combination of the two, which is compounded by the fact that Inside isn’t always viewed as a show that has the most poignant conversations about the game of basketball itself.

As a result, this exchange got basketball Twitter talking, both because of what Shaq said and in praise of Parker’s analysis.

There has always been tension that stems from older generations believing younger generations are not doing things correctly, whether that be in basketball or in literally anything else. Fortunately for those who tuned into this clip, the younger generation was represented by someone who was able to clearly lay out why the older generation was wrong about the topic at hand.