Carmelo Anthony’s Teammates Feel Bad About The Great ‘Burden’ He Must Bear

carmelo anthony
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You know those commercials with the sick kids in third-world countries? Or the ones where the dogs are about to be put to sleep and a Sarah McLachlan song plays over their sad faces?

Well, prepare to be moved to tears over this tragedy — New York Knicks players feel bad for teammate Carmelo Anthony, who is dealing with the “burden” of being a very good basketball player on a poor team.

Robin Lopez and Kristaps Porzingis were at a charity event and spoke about Anthony, who snapped at a heckler after a recent loss, as the pressure of playing a game for lots of money caused him to crack. Anthony, who earns a base salary of $23 million, has the responsibility of speaking with the media after games, and his teammates know how hard talking for five minutes can be.

From the New York Post, Anthony has support from those who love him.

“He’s in the spotlight in terms of the media and he’s the No. 1 guy on our roster,” Lopez said. “That’s a burden I couldn’t even imagine so you really have to realize he’s going through something totally different than the rest of us.

“It really sucks to lose in front of our fans. We want to win games. We’re giving 100 percent,” Porzingis said. “I feel bad for Carmelo. He’s doing everything for us. We all have to step it up and play at his level. He’s been a great leader. We need to step it up.”

Stay strong, Carmelo. There are people who love you.

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