Carmelo Anthony Had This Response For A Courtside Heckler During The Knicks’ Blowout Loss

Orlando Magic v New York Knicks
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Tuesday night was a bit of a tumultuous night at the office for Carmelo Anthony and the Knicks. Not only did Melo embarrass himself while New York got blown out hosting the Blazers at home, but the star forward also took a lot of guff from a disgruntled fan sitting courtside, as well.

During the Knicks 104-85 loss at Madison Square Garden, a heckler apparently wasn’t shy about his disappointment with the team’s performance, and he elected to make Melo the primary recipient of his complaints. Late in the game, Anthony decided to respond with a snarky reply of his own.

Ah, the old You’re not happy? Talk to my boss routine. That’s always a fan-favorite with disgruntled customers. You can’t really blame Anthony for being frustrated, as well — especially because he could have been shipped out of New York at the trade deadline — but I don’t like the fan’s chances of getting a refund.

Considering the Knicks aren’t doing so hot and are on the verge of missing the playoffs for the third-consecutive year, Dolan giving back money to dissatisfied fans probably wouldn’t be the most financially-sound decision he’s ever made.

(Via Bleacher Report)