Carmelo Anthony’s Struggles In Houston Were Something We Should Have Seen Coming

11.09.18 8 months ago 8 Comments

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Thus far, Carmelo Anthony hasn’t been able to be the Carmelo Anthony of old during his first year with the Houston Rockets. This would be a bit of a surprise if not for the fact that this is the second year in a row in which this is the case.

All of this is, for lack of a better word, extremely bad.

After spending six and a half years with the New York Knicks, Anthony was traded to the Oklahoma City Thunder last season. Try as everyone might, it didn’t work. Which is ok! Sometimes, players aren’t fits in places, which is not a referendum on their ability to play basketball or anything. It’s something that just happens sometimes, and in Oklahoma City, the hope that Anthony would turn into the revered “Olympic Melo,” a hyper-efficient scorer who thrived being the third banana and getting open shots on a team where defenses had to focus on two other guys, didn’t happen.

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