Carmen Electra Recalls The Time She And Dennis Rodman Had ‘Sex All Over’ The Chicago Bulls Practice Facility

The star of Sunday night’s episodes of The Last Dance was Dennis Rodman, as the eccentric Hall of Fame forward took center stage as the documentary dove into the Bulls-Pistons rivalry, Rodman’s addition to the team, how much he helped Jordan and Pippen, and how Phil Jackson managed Rodman’s unique personality and needs.

The story that stuck out for most was Rodman being granted a 48-hour vacation to Las Vegas in the middle of the season, but not returning on time and forcing Michael Jordan to go get him. Carmen Electra, Rodman’s ex-wife, recalled how that went down, with Jordan banging on the door and dragging Rodman back to the team while she hid behind a couch.

The documentary only scratched the surface of Rodman’s off-court escapades, but luckily for those wanting more Rodman-Electra stories, Greg Braxton of the Los Angeles Times spoke with Electra recently to get even more insight into her relationship with The Worm and reveal some more wild stories. There are many in the interview, but the one that sticks out the most is Electra recalling the time Rodman blindfolded her and drove her, on his motorcycle, to the Bulls facility and then they had sex all over the place.

“One day when the Bulls had an off day from practicing, Dennis said he had a surprise for me,” she said. “He blindfolds me and we get on his motorcycle. When he finally takes my blindfold off, we’re standing at the Bulls practice facility, center court. It was crazy, like two kids in a candy store. We were eating Popsicles from the fridge and pretty much having sex all over the damn place — in the physical therapy room, in the weight room. Obviously on the court.”

She bursts out laughing. “To be honest, I don’t think he’s ever worked out so hard in his life.”

I’m really not sure there is anything else to add to this, other than it’s extremely Rodman and I would pay really good money to watch Michael Jordan read this story and realize he probably sat on those training tables the next day. I imagine it would look something like this.