The Cavaliers Worried They Were ‘Marching To A Slow Death’ Before Their Deadline Shakeup

02.09.18 1 year ago

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Cleveland Cavaliers general manager Koby Altman took some big swings at his first trade deadline in charge of the Cavs, swapping out Isaiah Thomas and other assets to get younger, faster and hopefully good enough to return to the NBA Finals for the fourth straight season.

LeBron James spoke positively Friday about the changes around him, and it’s a huge shift in attitude for a team that just days earlier felt like it was falling apart. The team was bickering, an injury to Kevin Love set the defense back further, and rumors about James’ free agent aspirations dominated headlines.

Altman spoke to the media during a conference call on Thursday after the deadline and said he was excited about making the Cavaliers “fun again.”

“I’m really excited about the new guys we have, and I’m really excited about what they are going to bring to the table,” Altman said according to ESPN. “I think we’re going to be energetic, and we’re just going to be fun again, and fun to watch, and fun to be around.”

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