Celtics Rookie Grant Williams Gave ‘About 200’ Candles To Team Employees To Celebrate The Holidays

The most wonderful time of the year is basically upon us. It’s the holiday season, which presents folks with the opportunity to reflect on the things that are important in their lives before the calendar flips to a new year. It also gives people the opportunity to express their appreciation for others, and if you’re Grant Williams, you do this by giving those who work for the Boston Celtics a candle.

Williams, the No. 22 overall pick in the 2019 NBA Draft and a former standout at the University of Tennessee, decided to show some love to those who work for the team gifts prior to Thanksgiving. According to a tweet by Marc D’Amico of Celtics.com, Williams visited the team office on Wednesday and handed out candles that thanked team employees for all their work.

Soon after, Williams took to Twitter to praise the team’s staffers.

This is all very nice, of course, but as it turns out, Williams put a whole lot of effort into this. Apparently, he handed out around 200 candles, some of which he made on his own.

I have a lot of questions about this. Is Grant Williams an experienced candlemaker? If so, how did he get into this? If not, how did he decide candles were a good gift (they are, but how did he come to this conclusion)? Is Williams a fan of candles? What are his favorite scents? What is the scent of this candle, and what other scents were on the table before coming to the conclusion that this one best said “thank you for all the work you do as an employee of the Boston Celtics”?

If you work for the Celtics and can provide answers to any of these questions, or if you are Grant Williams, please, get in touch and let’s talk candles.