Charles Barkley Unloaded On The ‘Nitwits’ Who Criticized His Isaiah Thomas Comments

Associate Editor
04.18.17 5 Comments

Tragedy struck prior to the Boston Celtics‘ first game of the 2017 postseason, as star guard Isaiah Thomas‘ younger sister died in a car accident. It made for an emotional scene before the game, as Thomas cried on the sidelines a few times and received a massive ovation from Celtics fans as he led the team onto the court.

It also made for a really strange moment on TNT, as Charles Barkley said that watching Thomas cry made him uncomfortable. While what he said was rooted in something good – it sucked watching Thomas so shaken up, because watching this happen to people always sucks – it came off rather awkwardly, especially when Barkley said this was “not a good look.”

On Tuesday, Barkley fired back at those who were critical of his comments before Game 2 of the Celtics’ series against the Bulls. Barkley called out the “nitwit scumbag idiot punks” who, in his estimation, tried to make this a story.

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