SNL Had Some Fun At Charles Barkley’s Expense After Auburn Lost In The Final Four

YouTube/Saturday Night Live

Charles Barkley has been having the time of his life during this year’s March Madness. The Hall of Fame big man might be best known for his NBA career and time on TV, but before that, he was a star at Auburn. The Round Mound of Rebound was a force at the college level and he’s without question the best NBA player Auburn has ever produced. Still, he was never able to get beyond than the first round of the NCAA Tournament during his time in college, so he never got to appreciate the more fun parts of March Madness.

Which is why he’s been thrilled to watch his alma mater make a run through the tournament. Barkley let his emotions overflow after Auburn made the Final Four and was visibly upset Saturday night when Auburn lost its chance at a national championship appearance due to some controversial reffing that led to a Virginia one-point win over his Tigers.

Of course, when you put yourself out there like Barkley does then he also opens himself up to jokes. Like the kind Saturday Night Live made at Barkley’s expense following Auburn’s defeat.

Perhaps SNL’s most classic segment is “Weekend Update” and Keenan Thompson, a common Barkley impersonator, took the mantle to poke fun at Barkley in ways that are classic to him. Gambling jokes, his sometimes strange mannerisms, and of course his tendency to make wild predictions.

SNL and Barkley already have a relationship together. He’s hosted the show in the past and they love to make the occasional joke at his expense. He’s willing to roll with jokes and that’s what makes his presence on TV so enjoyable. it’s also why SNL likes to use him as a bit.