TNT Terrorized Charles Barkley By Bringing Out A Giant Snake After He Hit His ‘Guarantee’ Button

Charles Barkley and snakes do not get along, and this fact is something that his Inside the NBA colleagues have used to terrorize the Chuckster over the years with rubber snakes and other gags to get him to jump and squirm.

On Wednesday, they took it to a new level, though, as Barkley fired off his latest GUAAAARANTEE, locking up the Nuggets to win Game 2 in Phoenix as Will Barton returned to action. Barkley’s “Guarantee” button has been the source of plenty of comedy over the course of the playoffs, most notably when he was gone and they used it to roast Chuck while Draymond Green was in his seat. Every night they have it set off some new celebration, from balloons to smoke machines, but on Wednesday it brought out a literal circus, including a woman with a giant live python that sent poor Chuck running from the desk.

Shaq caught Chuck and tried his best to make him face his fears by petting the snake, but Barkley wasn’t having any of it even as Shaq and Ernie happily said hello to their new reptilian friend. Kenny almost got taken out in Chuck’s haste to escape as he ran through the plexiglass between the two and almost went through Smith.

Afterwards, Barkley insisted that “snakes aren’t to be played with,” which is an understandable sentiment for one to have, but the clip of sheer terror on Chuck’s face when he saw the snake and tried to take off is surely going to get played over and over.