Steph And Ayesha’s ‘Chef Curry’ Is Ready To Cook On Your Phone

The Curry family is doubling down on their crossover appeal as both a basketball and a cooking dynasty with a new mobile game featuring both Steph and Ayesha Curry.

Chef Curry is a mobile game the couple announced this week that features the couple in action in the kitchen, letting users play as the food-centric family’s famous couple as they prepare a variety of meals to keep customers and friends happy.

“Bringing Chef Curry to life has been an incredible experience,” Ayesha Curry said in a release. “When we were conceptualizing the game, I wanted to make sure it reflected the challenges, intensity, and gratification that goes along with managing a kitchen, whether at your home on Thanksgiving serving friends and family or in a high-paced restaurant serving customers.”


“I’ve got two homes,” a digital Curry says in the game’s trailer. “The court … and this kitchen!”

Other than the use of two exclamation points when surely one would suffice, what follows is a pretty ordinary tap-and-go freemium game with a celebrity tie-in.

The game does feature voice acting from both Stephen and Ayesha Curry, so it’s definitely worth a download if you want to hear Steph say things that somehow involve both the B&E industry and basketball.

“Serving food is like shooting threes,” Curry says but never fully explains.

The app is free but, of course, there are ads and the option for in-app purchases. Currency and/or time greases the wheels of commerce, and the Curry-owned digital greasy spoon is no exception.