Chris Bosh Wants To Play In The Playoffs, But The Heat Are Saying No

04.28.16 2 years ago
Chris Bosh, Josh McRoberts

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Remember when Chris Bosh no longer had blood clots in his leg and hoped to return to the Miami Heat before the end of the season? That was a full seven weeks ago, yet somehow it feels even longer than that. To Bosh, who’s made no secret about his desire to return to the court, it probably feels like an eternity.

Still, and with the Heat in a hell of a battle with the Charlotte Hornets in the first round of the playoffs, Bosh and his team are at the same impasse they were nearly two months ago. Bosh, who’s been sidelined since the All-Star break, wants to play, but the Heat won’t let him.

“There is no update,” team spokesman Tim Donovan told ESPN. “He is out still indefinitely.”

The ESPN report went on to say, “For Bosh to return to the court, he would have to be cleared by Heat doctors. Bosh has not been cleared, and the Heat don’t believe any NBA team would clear him under the circumstances.”

That hasn’t stopped Bosh from stating his case, even if said case has moved to social media to avoid completely falling on deaf ears. #BringBoshBack has been a thing trending in Miami, especially now that the Heat are one game away from being eliminated from the playoffs altogether.

Bosh and his family and supporters can stump all they want, but the Heat have made it beyond clear they have no intentions of playing him any time soon. If the Heat make a deep playoff run, rest assured this will continue to be a thing.

Obviously, Bosh’s safety is the number one priority and the Heat surely have that in mind. As a competitor, Bosh wants to play. That’s his top priority if he feels he’s good to go. Both sides probably have good intentions, but it’ll be interesting to see if this conflict ends up having greater consequences.

(Via ESPN)

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