If Chris Bosh Never Plays Again, He Should Still Make The Hall Of Fame

09.27.16 3 years ago 13 Comments

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Chris Bosh’s battle with blood clots has taken another grim turn, as Heat doctors found an unspecified complication related to his clotting disorder during the team physical that was supposed to have cleared him for training camp this month. The Heat have basically put the kibosh on any chance Bosh takes the court again in a Heat uniform.

At this point, Bosh says that he’s not giving up and wants to play again, but there are legitimate questions of whether he should. Even if Bosh is given clearance again by other doctors and released to sign with another team, would any of them take him? It’s impossible to say at this point, but we need to start seriously reckoning with the notion that his career is likely over.

When careers end, thoughts of the basketball-consuming public naturally turn to legacy, and that’s where we’re left when considering Bosh. So, what is his legacy? He stepped from a superstar role in relative obscurity in Toronto to a supporting role in quite possibly the brightest spotlight the sport has ever had, with LeBron’s Miami Heat. His reduced role led casual observers, overly dependent on box score numbers, to believe he was a diminished player in some way, but if anything, his game improved to a more nuanced, versatile role in which film and advanced stats sung his praises.

So, there might not be a universal consensus about just how good Bosh is, but one place attempts to build one: the Hall of Fame. If he has played his last game, will Chris Bosh be inducted? Though to be honest, a better way to phrase that question is, has he been good enough for long enough to convince voters?

It may not feel like it, but Bosh has been in the league for 13 years, and he played more than half of the games in each of the last two seasons, so he’s built an impressive resume. Basketball-reference’s very basic Similarity Score rates him right alongside Alex English, who was a pure scorer without much defense to speak of in the 1980’s — but he’s in the Hall of Fame. Bosh may have (probably) had his career shortened unnaturally, but it was already a lengthy and decorated one.

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