Chris Paul and Sasha Vujacic Don’t Like Each Other

01.08.09 9 years ago 41 Comments
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After the Lakers beat the Celtics on Christmas day, Sasha Vujacic couldn’t help but flaunt his steel balls to the world. He was L.A.’s most outspoken player following that win, telling the press about how the Lakers “really don’t like” like the C’s.

But the Machine was singing a different tune following the Lakers’ loss to New Orleans Tuesday night, pointing his finger at Chris Paul for running his mouth.

“He called me names on numerous occasions,” Vujacic said.

According to Sasha, one of those words started with a “b” and rhymed with “itch”. In the flow of an NBA game, that’s got to be one of the least offensive things that people say to each other. If you turn a Celtics’ game on mute and focus on trying to read KG‘s lips, you’d see about 30 things worse than that.

And I’m sure that the baby-faced assassin has also dropped far worse insults when he’s really pissed. But Vujacic didn’t have that perspective. With steam blowing out of his ears, he dropped some other quotables.

* “It’s one game. We’re playing for a championship. They might be playing for this game.”
* “It’s just hard to play when you play against more than five people on the floor.”
* “The way everything went was disgusting” and “I’m ashamed (by) what I saw tonight.”

Source: OC Register

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